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Our mission:

Motivating you to implement meaningful self-care in your daily life. So that you feel free and balanced

to reach your full potential. 

Welcome to our self-care club!

Even though Studio Hida is based in Belgium and the classes and courses on our online platform are in Dutch, doesn't mean we don't work in English. 

Ine Maes *1981


Holistic coach - yoga & meditation teacher - self-care motivator

As a holistic coach she guides people from the present moment to their goal, she specializes in well-being and stress reduction, burn-out recovery and burnout prevention.

Her +20 years of teaching experience resulted in in-depth yoga courses, yoga teacher trainings, online courses, workshops and webinars. As a mother of 3 and a creative entrepreneur, she is no stranger to the busy combination of work and family, so she will quickly debunk the "I don't have time" argument. Because if she can do it, you can too.










Ine feels very comfortable to teach and give lectures, webinars and workshops in English and is very passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge. 

Who can contact Ine for English inquiries:

  • Yoga & Meditation Studio's around the globe

  • Companies for corporate lectures, webinars and workshops 

  • Any organization who's interested in Ine's work


  • Life / Work balance

  • Burn-out prevention &  burn-out recovery

  • Holistic stress reduction and well-being at work and at home

  • Meaningfull self-care 

  • Meaningful self-care for parents

  • Yoga philosophy 

  • Meditation 

  • Moving from stress to freedom 

Even though she loves a super personal approach and to travel around the world, she can also meet you online if you're in the same timezone or one that isn't all that different. 

Ine started practicing yoga in 1998 and turned it into a dedicated ritual ever since. Ine’s Studio Hida is both a physical Studio in Antwerp Belgium and an online video platform, as well as a coaching practice. She’s passionate about motivating as many people as possible to take good care of themselves and provide them with the right tools to learn how to deal with stress and the challenges of life. This by applying meaningful self-care, such as yoga, meditation, movement, sleep, and breathing exercises in their daily lives. With her holistic but down-to-earth approach Ine has guided countless off people in her practice and the retreats she leads worldwide, as well as in coaching programs, Corporate workshops and lectures. All with one goal; increasing peoples well-being and resilience to reach their full potential and freedom.


Ine is the autor of 'Zen Parents'

Yoga, meditation and self-care for busy parents. Currently she working on her second book 'Stress'







Connect with Ine:



@ine_yogini (EG)

@studio Hida (NL)



Studio Hida

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